The Brand

rappidApp provided many opportunities for me.  The chance to work on a new project where I was able to actually sit and create.  Part of this creation was to take their brand from a standard 99designs logo to a 2014 level.

This design all started with the logo.  The logo was redesigned.  The issue that was happening is that people couldn’t remember how to spell the name is it Rapid or Rappid.  We it was rAPPid, they wanted to accentuate the word APP in the logo.  So I chose to highlight the word in a shape that we all have come to associate with a mobile app.

After the logo we were able to redesign the website, branding materials, and marketing/sales materials. One of those materials was the Infographic.  Take a look at the site, see for yourself the effects.

What Was Done

   Custom Graphic Elements

   Developed Brand Guidelines

   Designed for both Print and Digital

   Editorial Design

See it in Action!     Visit the Site